About Us

At PHYSIOCARE & REHAB we strive to improve an individual's quality of life by providing superior patient care in a multi-disciplinary setting. Our team of regulated healthcare professionals provides a variety of assessment and treatment services to help manage injuries and facilitate return to activity while setting a new standard of integrated and proactive health care.

We believe in providing a thorough, hands-on approach to treatments. Our aim is to always find and treat the root cause of symptoms, rather than simply treating the symptoms alone. This ensures that in almost all cases, we are able to treat and cure the injury or ailment and provide permanent relief.

We provide our clients with a diverse range of treatment options. We use a combination of manual therapy, movement training and physical and electro-physical agents for speedy recovery. Our team of regulated healthcare professionals are highly trained and continually upgrade their skills to stay current with advances in medical research, fitness, exercise and rehabilitation. We help people maintain an active lifestyle and reach their full potential. We provide client-centered approach to care and focus on open communication within members of our health care team.

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